About LibreLingo

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Project goal

My goal is to start a community-driven language-learning platform that gives its users and contributors a way to influence its future and adapt it to special requirements.

To achieve that, I release all source code under the AGPLv3 free software license, which guarantees end users the freedom to run, study, share, and modify the software.

In addition to licensing the software under a free software license, the course content will be decoupled from the software itself, and the development of AGPLv3 or public domain course content will be encouraged. This should allow course developers to retain the freedom to choose how they use their work.

Once course content is properly decoupled from the software, it should be possible to experiment with alternative ways of using course content: for example, the creation of audiobooks or print material.



Here's a rough sketch of how I imagine the milestones of this project:

First demo

  • ☑️ Demo course content in Spanish for English speakers
  • ☑️ Some basic building blocks of course content implemented
  • ☑️ Developers can use course editor
  • ☑️ Basic theme/branding

Alpha release

  • ☑️ Course progress can be properly synchronised across devices
  • ☑️ Course editor can be accessed by all course contributors
  • ☐ Statistics about course contributors are collected and published
  • ☑️ At least the basics of the Spanish course are ready
  • ☑️ Most of the course building blocks are implemented

Beta release

  • ☑️ All of the basic building blocks of courses are implemented
  • ☐ More advanced learning features (reading exercises)
  • ☑️ Spaced repetition implemented
  • ☐ Spanish course is stable and useful
  • ☐ Course editor publicly accessible

Stable release(s)

  • ☐ Any user can build their own course
  • ☐ Users can suggest changes to course content
  • ☐ There's a marketplace for "unofficial" courses
  • ☐ Multiple stable courses available
  • ☐ Mobile apps available
  • ☐ Wiki features
  • ☐ Dictionary
  • ☐ Speaking exercises

Become a contributor

Contribute to course material

If you are interested in contributing to course development, please fill the following form: The project is in a very early stage right now, so you might not be able to contribute right away. Your work will be released in this GitHub repository and you will show up as a contributor here.

UI translation

See docs

Development and other forms of contribution

You can help LibreLingo by testing it and submitting feature requests or bug reports: If you want to get in touch, you can use my contact details on my GitHub profile.

Confused? Have a question?

There is a Matrix/FreeNode IRC channel #LibreLingo, instructions for joining:

  • Matrix: #LibreLingo on
  • IRC: connect to with your favourite client and join #LibreLingo