Egon 2

10. To Be or Not To Be - Egon and the NON(Inessive) Case

Inessive(NON) Case

  • In this lesson you will be introduced to the Proper Names form of the NON - Inessive

  • This case is used to show that the subject(s) are in/on/upon a named place.

  • Proper Names

    • Ending: -(E)N

    • Examples: MadrilEN (Madrid) EuropaN (Europe)

  • Note that the word Herri can mean different things (town, village, region) depending on context.

  • In this lesson you will see the term Euskal Herrian: Basque Country, a name you should learn.

Vocabulary Egon 1

  • Ni nago: I am
  • Zu zaude: You are
  • Hura dago: He/she/it is
  • Gu gaude: We are
  • Zuek zaudete: You (plural) are
  • Haiek daude: They are
  • zuhaitz: tree
  • non: where
  • kanpo: outside
  • barruan: inside

Vocabulary Egon 2

  • Madril: Madrid
  • Espainia: Spain
  • Europa: Europe
  • hemen: here
  • hor: there
  • han: over there
  • Euskal Herrian: Basque Country
  • baso: forest,woods
  • laku: lake

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