Greetings 1

​Greetings 1


If you ever go hiking in the Basque Country, such as on the Camino del Norte, expect to often receive a cheerful "Kaixo" as you trek through the stunningly beautiful scenery.

Vocabulary Greetings 1

  • Arratsalde on: Good Afternoon (12:00 to 20:00)
  • Barkatu: Excuse me/Sorry
  • Egun on: Good morning (morning to 12)
  • Eskerrik asko: Thank you ("many thanks")
  • Ondo: Fine, Well
  • Bai: Yes
  • Zer moduz?: How are you? (literally just "how?")
  • nago: I am (egon)


  • In response to Zer moduz? you chould just say ondo, but might be considered a bit rude
  • Better to give a complete sentence "Ni ondo nago."
  • Nago means "I am" like naiz, but is only used for temporary things.
  • The egon case will be discussed in Unit 9. So for now just remember to use it when responding to Zer Moduz.
  • unless you are feeling terrible, and then you can answer with a response to be taught later. :-)

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