Jakin 5

40. Jakin 5

Jakin: to be certain or sure about something, to know a fact or how to do something

  • The past tense has a different pattern than the present, with

  • a prefix of ne-, zene-, ze-, gene-, zene-, ze-

    • stem ki/kizi (single/plural object)
    • suffix of -en, -en. -en. -en, -ten, -ten
  • nik nekien /nekizkien

  • zuk zenekien /zenekizkien

  • hark zekien /zekizkien

  • guk genekien /genekizkien

  • zuek zenekiten /zenekizkiten

  • haiek zekiten /zekizkiten

Jakin 5

  • Nik nekizkien: I knew (them)
  • Zuk zenekizkien: You knew (them)
  • Hark zekizkien: He/she knew (them)
  • Guk genekizkien: We knew (them)
  • Zuek zenekizkiten: You (plural) knew (them)
  • Haiek zekizkiten: They knew (them)

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