Nongo 2

19. Nongo (Where are you from?)

Nongo Case - Single definate names

  • When used for ownership, the case doesn’t take a suffix. Elizako aulkiak. The chairs of the church.

  • To form the nongo case for single definate nouns-(e)ko is added to the end

  • -ko is added after a vowel

    • Elizako - of the church
  • -eko is added after a consonant

    • Hoteleko - of the hotel

Vocabulary 2

  • bankuko: of the bank
  • dendako: of the store
  • elizako: of the church
  • eskolako: of the school
  • etxeko: of the house
  • geltokiko: of the station
  • horma: wall
  • hoteleko: of the hotel
  • teilatu: roof

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