Adj 2

​Adjectives & No 2


  • Negative sentences are made by putting the word “ez” (“no”,”not”) in front of the verb.

Baina vs Baizik

  • The word "baina" means but, or while, and shows a contrast. It is similar to the Spanish word "pero".
  • The church was not white, but/while the mini-hotel was white. Eliza ez zen zuria, baina ostatua zuria zen.
  • They were students, but/while now they are nurses. Haiek ikasleak ziren, baina orain erizainak dira.
  • The word “baizik” is used like baina, but means “not this, but rather that. It is similar to the Spanish word “sino”.
  • The car is not red, but rather it is blue. Kotxea ez da gorria, urdina baizik.
  • It was not a house, but rather a mini-hotel. Ez zen etxe, baizik ostatua.

Vocabulary Adjectives & No 2

  • ez : no/not
  • baizik : but rather
  • hotel : hotel
  • eliza : church
  • ostatu : small hotel/mini-hotel
  • denda : store
  • etxe : house

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