Because 1-1

20. Because 1-1

Verbs used with Emotions

  • Egon, in Southern Basque (Spain), is used like the Spanish word “estar” for physical, mental or emotional states and locations,
  • while Izan is used like the Spanish word “ser”, for characteristics of the object and jobs, that do not change quickly.
  • In some cases, using the use of Egon Vs Izan can mean have different meanings.
  • Hura pozika da. (He/she is a happy person.(normally happy))
  • Hura pozik dago. (He/she is glad/happy. (now/to meet you/to see you,etc))
  • To ask questions about the state of someone or something, the question word “nola” can be used.
  • When we answer the question Nola? or Zer moduz? the appropriate verb is egon,
  • since emotions and physical state are temporary, just as it is when discussing location.
  • Words to describe the temporary state, such as: happy, sad, seated, angry, tired, etc. do not have case endings added to them.

Vocabulary 1

  • aspertu: bored
  • beldur: afraid
  • bizirik: alive
  • galdu: lost
  • lanpetuta: busy
  • pozik: glad,happy
  • ondo: well/fine
  • nola: How?

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