Because 1-2

20. Because 1-2

-rik (any) and zergatik (why)

  • The Basque word for any is the suffix -rik, and is known as the Partitive case.
  • When using -rik, you just add -rik to the no article form.
  • Ex: Aulki = a/the chair, aulkirik = any chair.
  • As with English, -rik is normally used with negative sentences. Ez dago aulkirik There isn’t any chair.
  • Also note -rik makes the object single, even if it is plural in English. Ez dago aulkirik. There isn’t any chair/aren’t any chairs.
  • Zergatik is used to ask why something is.

Vocabulary 2

  • zergatik: why
  • eserita: sitting, seated
  • nekatu: tired
  • zutik: standing
  • haserre: angry
  • gaixorik: sick
  • kezkatuta: worried
  • dirua: money

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