Because 2-1

21. Because 2-1

-(e)lako (because)

  • as with the present tense to say something was because of something, you add -(e)lako to the verb, following the rules of spelling
  • When adding suffixes, A+E = E, and E+E=E
  • so for egon verbs, we would have
  • pozik nengoelako: because I was happy
  • pozik zeundelako: because you were happy
  • pozik zegoelako: because he/she was happy
  • pozik geundelako: because we were happy
  • pozik zeundetelako: because you (pural)
  • pozik zeudelako: because they were happy

Vocabulary 1

  • nengoelako: because I was (egon)
  • zeundelako: because you were (egon)
  • zegoelako: because he/she was (egon)
  • geundelako: because we were (egon)
  • zeundetelako: because you (pural) were (egon)
  • zeudelako: because they were (egon)

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