Bizi 1

Bizi 1

Present Tense - I live (someplace)

  • Bizi means to live (someplace), and is an example of non-conjugated intransitive verb.
  • All Basque verbs have a non-conjugated form, and about 30 also have a conjugated form.
  • The present tense for non-conjugated Basque verbs is used to show a habitual or repeated action.
  • The present tense is formed by combining bizi with the conjugated verb IZAN (naiz, zara, da, gara, zareta, dira).
  • The location the subject lives at is in the Insessive (Non) case as in “Ni Donostian bizi naiz” (I live in San Sebastian).

Lesson 1 Vocabulary

  • Ni bizi naiz: I live
  • Zu bizi zara: You live
  • Hura bizi da: He/she/it lives
  • Gu bizi gara: We live
  • Zuek bizi zareta: You (plural) live
  • Haiek bizi dira: They live
  • Basseri Farm, farmhouse

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