Come 1


Conjugated Intransitive verb Etorri (to come).

  • The conjugated form of Etorri (nator, zatoz, dator, gatoz, zatozte, datoz) is the equivalent of the present continuous form in English,
  • that being something you are in the process of doing, now or around now.
  • “I am coming from school.” (now) "Ni eskolatik nator."
  • vs “I come from school every day.” (habitual). "Egunero etortzen naiz eskolatik." (Non-congated form introduced previously)
  • Similarly, the past form represents the past continuous, “I was coming from school.” "Ni eskolatik nentorren."
  • Using the verb ETORRI (to come) or other motion verbs to show that the subject comes from a location,
  • causes the object of the sentence to be changed into the Ablative/Nondik form. (introduced earlier)
  • The question word to go with this form is Nondik, “from/through where”.
  • Note the word order:Hura gaur CaliforniaTIK dator: Today California comes from. He's coming from California today.

Lesson 1 Vocabulary

  • ni nator I am coming
  • zu zatoz You are coming
  • hura dator He/she/it is coming
  • gu gatoz We are coming
  • zuek zatozte You (plural) are coming
  • haiek datoz They are coming.
  • nondik from where

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