Commands 1

28. Commands 1

Imperative(command) form

  • Now is your chance to be bossy. :-)
  • and to understand when someone is trying to tell you to do something.
  • The imperative or command form of a Basque verb is in normal speech the dictionary form. Ex: joan, etorri
  • The subject is implied to be the listener and the object will take whatever case is appropriate.
  • Note that unlike normal sentences, the verb is at the beginning of the sentence, as it is the focus of the sentence.

Commands 1

  • egon!: stay!
  • ekarri!: bring!
  • eseri!: sit!
  • etorri!: come!
  • gelditu!: stop!
  • hitz egin!: speak!
  • idatzi!: write!
  • hona: to here

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