Commands 2

28. Commands 2

Imperative(command) form

  • Ibili, introduced in unit 25, can also have a number of meanings that change depending on context.
  • In this lesson, ibili is used to mean “be”. As in “Be careful!” Kontuz ibili!
  • Note that when ascending something, you are going toward it, so use the NORA-Allative case, discussed in Unit 16
  • Igo zuhaitzera! (climb/ascend the tree)
  • and when decending from something, you are going away from it, so use the NONDIK-ablative case, discussed in Unit 14
  • Zuhaitzetik jaitsi.(descend/go down from the tree)

Commands 1

  • igo!: climb/ascend/go up
  • jaitsi!: descend/go down
  • irakurri!: read!
  • isildu!: quiet!
  • itxaron!: wait!
  • joan!: go!
  • sartu!: enter!
  • kontuz!: careful!
  • utzi!: drop/release/let/leave

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