Compound Verbs 1-2

30 Compound Verbs 1-2

Ahal Izan, Behar Izan and Ezin in the present tense

  • In the present form, for Ahal Izan and Behar Izan, the dictionary form of the verb is used without “-ten”,
  • and with just “ahal” or “behar” (no “Izan”) and the present form of the verb “izan”.
  • For ezin, the he present form of the verb “izan” and present tense version of the verb is used (with -ten).
  • Ni joan ahal naiz. I can go.
  • Ni joan behar naiz. I must go.
  • Ni ezin naiz joaten. I cannot go.
  • (Note, that for ezin, just like with “ez” the word order changes, and the verb goes to the end.)

Compound Verbs 1-2

  • ahal: am able to/can
  • behar: have to/must
  • ezin: cannot

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