Dative Commands 1

31. Dative Commands 1

31.1 NORI - Dative Case

  • The NORI case answers the question “nori”( to whom), and is used to show the indirect object of an action,
  • which is the person or thing that an action is done to or for.
  • Like for non dative commands, the dictionary form of the verb comes first, then the direct object, then the indirect object.
  • For example: Eman baloia hau hari. Give this ball to him/her.
  • Note: in the following list of dative pronouns, the pronouns for "to you" and "to you (plural)" are not listed.
  • This is because it doesn't make sense to say "You give the ball to you."

Dative Commands 1

  • niri: to me
  • hari: to him/her/it
  • guri: to us
  • haiei: to them
  • entzun: listen
  • ekarri: bring
  • irakurri: read
  • menu: menu

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