Edan 1 (Past)

45. Edan 1

Edan (Drinking) Past

  • To speak about drinking something in the past, use the verb "Edan" with either the present (for near past) or past (for distant past) of Ukan.

Near past

  • Perfect stem + present of be/have (Ukan)
  • Nik edan dut. (I have drunk)
  • Perfect in present time frame, usually that day.

Remote past

  • Perfect Stem + past of be/have (Ukan)
  • Nik edan nuen(I had drunk)
  • Time period prior to the day of speaking. Pluperfect: perfect past tense in past time period.

Edan 1

  • edan: drank
  • baso: glass
  • botila: bottle
  • garagardo: beer
  • ur: water
  • ardo: wine
  • freskagarri: soft drink/soda/soda pop
  • Note Freskagarri actually means refreshing

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