Egon 3

9. To Be or Not To Be - Egon and the NON(Inessive) Case

Inessive(NON) Case

  • In this lesson you will be introduced to the Plural Nouns form of the NON - Inessive

  • This case is used to show that the subjects are in/on/upon places.

  • The Indefinte is also shown below, but won't be used yet.

  • Indefinite

    • Ending: -(E)TAN

    • Examples: etxeTAN (house) haranETAN (valley)

  • Plural definite

    • Ending: -ETAN

    • Examples: etxeETAN (houses)haranETAN (valleys)


  • Cities in the Basque area often have both a Basque and a Spanish name.

    • Bilboa/Bilbo

    • Donostia/San Sebastian

    • Basteiz/Victoria

    • Irun/IrĂșn (almost the same, but not quite)

Vocabulary Egon Egon 3

  • Mendi: mountain
  • Donostia: San Sebastian
  • Gasteiz: Victoria
  • Bilbo: Bilboa
  • kale: street
  • Frantzia: France
  • ibai: river

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