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Conjugated Intransitive verb Joan (To go directed) and Allative form - NORA

  • The conjugated form of Joan (noa, zoaz, doa, goaz, zoazte, doaz) is the equivalent of the present continuous form in English,
  • that being, something you are in the process of doing, now or around now.
  • “I am going to school.” (now) "Ni eskolara noa."vs “I go every day.” (habitual) "Ni egunero joaten naiz eskolara."
  • Using the verb “joan” (to go), or other motion verbs, to show movement to a destinations causes the destination object to use the Allative/Nora form.
  • Joan is used when going to a specific destination. If the subject is just going, with no particular destination stated, ibili is used.
  • The question word to go with this case is Nora (Where to?).

NORA – allative case

  • Single nouns
  • ending -(e)ra
  • if the noun ends in a vowel, add -ra
  • mendi - mendira
  • if the noun ends in a consonant, add -era
  • hotel - hotelera

Lesson 1 Vocabulary

  • nora - where (to)
  • ni noa - I am going
  • zu zoaz - you are going
  • hura doa - he/she/it is going
  • gu goaz - we are going
  • zuek zoazte ' you (plural) are going
  • haiek doaz - they are going

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