Go 2


Conjugated Intransitive verb Joan (To go directed) and Allative form - NORA

  • The past conjugated form of Joan (nindoan, zindoazen, zihoan, gindoazen, zindoazten, zihoazen)
  • is the equivalent of the past continuous form in English,
  • that being, something you were in the process of doing at a time in the past.

NORA – allative case

  • Plural nouns
  • ending -etara
  • mendi - mendietara
  • hotel - hoteletara

Lesson 2 Vocabulary

  • Ni nindoan - I was going
  • Zu zindoazen. - you were going
  • Hura zihoan. - he/she was going
  • Gu gindoazen. - we were going
  • Zuek zindoazten- you (plural) were going
  • Haiek zihoazen - they were going
  • nora - where (to)

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