Jakin 2

40. Jakin 2

Jakin: to be certain or sure about something, to know a fact or how to do something

  • Note: verbs like jakin often take the affirmative prefix ba- when they are not negative
  • nik badakit – I know it
  • nik ez dakit – I don’t know it
  • You can also use the word “nola” with Jakin to say you know how to do something.
  • Nik nola irakurri badakit. I know how to read.

Jakin 2

  • badakit: I know (it)
  • badakizu: You know (it)
  • badaki: He/she knows (it)
  • badakigu: We know (it)
  • badakizue: You (plural) know (it)
  • badakite: They know (it)

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