Jakin 3

40. Jakin 3

Jakin: to be certain or sure about something, to know a fact or how to do something

  • Note: Jakin, in the present tense with plural objects has the pattern of the prefix da-

    • a stem of kizki- (single/plural objects)
    • the endings of-t, -zu, -, -gu, -zue, -te
  • nik dakizkit

  • zuk dakizkizu

  • hark dakizki

  • guk dakizkigu

  • zuek dakizkizue

  • haiek dakizkite

  • Note: verbs like jakin often take the affirmative prefix ba- when they are not negative

  • nik badakizkit – I know them

  • nik ez dakizkit – I don’t know them

Jakin 3

  • Nik dakizkit: I know (them)
  • Zuk dakizkizu: You know (them)
  • Hark dakizki: He/she knows (them)
  • Guk dakizkigu: We know (them)
  • Zuek dakizkizue: You (plural) know (them)
  • Haiek dakizkite: They know (them)

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