Jan 1

46. Jan 1

Jan Grammar


  • Future stem (jango) + Present of be/have
  • Nik jango dut (I will eat)
  • Basic future tense for all verbs. Can represent modal shall or will (shall we something)


  • Imperfect stem (janten) + present of be/have
  • Nik jaten dut (I eat )
  • For non-conjugated verbs like Jan, this form can express a present state or a habitual action

Near past

  • Perfect stem (jan)+ present of be/have
  • Nik jan dut (I have eaten)
  • Perfect in present time frame, usually that day.

Remote past

  • Perfect Stem (jan)+ past of be/have
  • Nik jan nuen (I had eaten)
  • Time period prior to the day of speaking. Pluperfect: perfect past tense in past time period.

Jan 1

  • jan: ate
  • jaten: eat
  • jango: will eat
  • ogi: bread
  • arroz: rice
  • gazta: cheese
  • izozki: ice cream

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