Nahi Izan 4 (in order to do something)

44. Nahi Izan 4

Nahi Izan (in order to do something)

  • When expressing the to + infinitive form (not movement, as “in going to a place”, but as “want to/need in order to do something”),
  • the action verb is again in the form of verbal noun (present form minus the ”n”),
  • but this time “-ko” is added. This form is often used with nahi (want) and behar (need/have to)
  • Letxuga behar dut entsalada egiteko. I need lettuce to make a salad.
  • Euskaraz ikasteko liburua behar dut. I need a book to learn Basque.

Nahi Izan 4

  • giteko: in order to make/do
  • erosteko: in order to buy
  • idazteko: in order to write
  • ikasteko: in order to learn
  • irakurtzeko: in order to read
  • jateko: in order to eat
  • joateko: in order to go

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