Norekin 1

42. Norekin 1

Norekin: Indefinite and Proper nouns

  • The norekin case is used to express the idea of “with”, as in doing something with someone or something.
  • Indefinite ending: -(r)ekin
  • example: lagunekin: with a friend
  • Note : if the noun ends up with a vowel, use the ending "-rekin"for the indefinite and Proper Nouns.
  • Example amona, grandmother = amonarekin --> with a grandmother.
  • Proper names ending: -(r)ekin
  • example: Mikelekin - with Mikel

Norekin 1

  • norekin: With whom
  • zerekin: With what
  • Mirenekin: With Miren
  • Mikeleking: With Mikel
  • boligrafoarekin: With a pen
  • batekin: With one/a
  • baloiarekin: With a ball
  • txakurrarekin: With a dog

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