Norekin 2

42. Norekin 2

Norekin: Single and Plural Definite nouns

  • The norekin case is used to express the idea of “with”, as in doing something with someone or something.
  • Single definite ending - -arekin
  • example: lagunarekin - with the friend
  • Plural definite ending: -ekin
  • example: lagunekin: with friends

Norekin 2

  • lagunarekin: With the friend
  • irakaslearekin: With the teacher
  • ahizparekin: With the sister of a sister
  • arrebarekin: With the sister of a brother
  • nebarekin: With the brother of a sister
  • lagunekin: With the friends
  • betaurrekoekin: With the glasses
  • baloiekin: With the balls
  • boligrafoekin: With the pens
  • arkatzekin: With the pencils

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