26. NORTAZ 2

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  • The verb egin, is normally transitive and the transitive form will be covered later, but it can also be used in a passive sense,
  • and so is non-transitive and can have the same non-conjugated forms as other non-transitive verbs.
  • Jertsea eskuz egin zen. The sweater was made by hand.
  • Jertsea eskuz egiten da. The sweater is made by hand.
  • Jertsea eskuz egingo da. The sweater will be made by hand.


  • egin: was made
  • egiten: is made
  • egingo: will be made
  • esku: hand
  • eskuz: by hand
  • oin: foot
  • oinez: on foot
  • bizikletaz: by bicycle
  • taxi: taxi
  • taxiz: by taxi
  • zaldiz : on horseback, by horse

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