Numbers and Math 1

Numbers and Math 1

Numbers one to five

  • The number one (bat) is treated as an adjective, and goes to the right, and as takes grammatical suffixes.

    • Mutil baten liburua da. It is one boy's book.
  • The rest of the numbers go the the left and are not changed.

    • Bi gizon daude. There are two men.
    • (note that gizon is in the Indefinite form)


  • Zenbat (how many, how much) is used to make questions about quantity.


  • When discussing math, the verb IZAN (da/dira) is used, as this is always true.

    • Zenbat da sei gehi bi. How much is six plus two.
    • Hamar ken bederatzi bat da. Ten minus nine is one.
    • Sei gehi lau, hamar dira. Six plus four are ten.
    • Sei behi eta lau txerri hamar animalia dira. Six cows and four pigs are ten animals.
  • When discussing quantity (how many or there are), EGON (dago, daude) is used.

    • Zenbat gizon daude? How many men are there?
    • Mutiko bat dago etxean. One boy is in the house.
    • Sei behi daude. There are six cows.

Vocabulary Numbers and Math 1

  • zero: zero
  • bat: one
  • bi: two
  • hiru: three
  • lau: four
  • bost: five
  • euro: euro
  • zenbat: How much/many?

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