Postpostions 1

17 Postpositions 1

17 Basque Postpositions and Noren or Genitive case.

  • In this chapter Basque pospositions related to location will be introduced.
  • Basque postpositions follow the word or noun phrase they are related, unlike English prepositions that go before.
  • Ex: Mutilaren GAINEAN – ON/ABOUT the boy.

Genitive Case Postpositions

  • The postpositions in this lesson cause the noun/noun phrase being referred to to be in the Noren or Genitive case.
  • The Genetive/NOREN case was discusse in Unit 7 Whose umbrella?*EtxeAREN gainean – on/about the house.

Genetive/NOREN Case

Indefinite Case

    • (r)en
  • EtxeREN - house’s

  • MutilEN - boy’s

Single definite

  • -aren
  • EtxeAREN – the house’s
  • MutilAREN – the boy’s

Plural definite

  • -en
  • EtxeEN - the houses’
  • MutilEN - boys’

Proper names

  • Proper names are usually not declined.
  • Mikel not Mikelen

Egon with locations

  • Note that when discussing locations, with or without postpositions, the verb Egon is used.
  • Noren gainean dago? Who is he/she/it on/over.
  • Mikel neska baten aurrean dago. Mikel is in front of one girl. (Indefinite)
  • Zuhaitzaren atzean dago. He/She/It is behind the tree. (Single)
  • Liburuen azpian dago. He/She/It is under the books. (Plural)
  • Dortoka Mikel gainean dago. The turtle is on top of Mikel. (proper)
  • Note: In common usage single nouns are often not declined. Mikel (not Mikelen) gainean dago.

Vocabulary Postpositions 1

  • artean: between
  • atzean: behind
  • aurrean: in front (of)
  • azpian: under
  • gainean: on/over
  • ondoan: next to, beside
  • ezkerrean: On the left(inessive of ezker(left))
  • eskuinean: On the right(inessive of eskuin(right))