Reflective Verbs 2

32 Reflective Verbs 2

32.1 Reflective Verbs (Plural Object)

  • For reflective verbs with a plural object, the plural prefix (zaizk-) has the the NORI suffix is added to it to form the dative verb.*(to me -it, to you -izu, to him, her -io, to us -igu, to you (plural) -izue, to them -ie)
  • Plural indirect plural object (zaizk-)
  • niri zaizkit
  • zuri zaizkizu
  • hari zaizkio
  • guri zaizkigu
  • zuei zaizkizue
  • haiei zaizkie

Reflective Verbs 2

  • (Niri) zaizkit: they are to me
  • (Zuri) zaizkizu: they are to you
  • (Hari) zaizkio: they are to him/her/it
  • (Guri) zaizkigu: they are to us
  • (Zurei) zaizkizue: they are to you(plural)
  • (Haiei) zaizkie: they are to them
  • interesatu: was interesting to
  • interesatzen: is interesting to
  • interesatuko: will be interesting to

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