This, That and My 2

Possessive adjectives

  • Note that possessive adjectives, unlike normal adjectives, go before the noun and do not change when the noun is plural.
  • Hura nire laguan da.: He is my friend.
  • Haiek nire lagunak dira. : They are my friends.

Culture note

  • For the Basque, the home and relatives do not belong to just one person, so they would not say my house/father/etc. but
  • Gure etxea/aita/ama/aitonia/amona (our house/father/mother/grandfather/grandmother).

Vocabulary This & To Whom 2

  • nire: my
  • zure: your
  • bere: his/hers/its
  • gure: our
  • zuen: your (plural)
  • haien: their

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