Ukan 1-2

33. Ukan/Edun 1-2


  • As with intrasitive, the present is an event that is normally habitual
  • for example: Egunero nik irekitzen dut atea. Every day I open the door.
  • As with intransitive verbs, when used in the negative. Didn’t do something, ez goes with the noun.
  • Mirenek ez du egunero aterkia irekitzen. Miren doesn’t open the umbrella every day.
  • For the present habitual tense, normally the last letter is removed and “-ten” is added.
  • For example: Eigen -> egiten, idatzi→idazten. For words ending in tu or du both of the letters are removed and “-tzen” is added.
  • Imperfect stem + present of “to have/UKAN”
  • Nik euskaraz hitz egiten dut egunero. I speak Basque every day.
  • For conjugated verbs, it is a habitual actions within the present time period. For non-conjugated verbs, it can express a present state.

Ukan/Edun 1-2

  • irekitzen: open
  • ixten: close
  • jasotzen: receive
  • garbitzen: clean

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