Ukan 2-1

34. Ukan/Edun 2-1

34.1 Ukan/Edun 2 (Past Plural)

  • When Ukan/Edun is used with a plural object, an “it” is added, so “dut” becomes “ditut”,
  • which is combined with same endings of -t, -zu, -. -gu, -zue, -te as ukan/edun with a single object.
  • (Nik ditut, Zuk dituzu, Hark ditu, Guk ditugu, Zuek dituzue, Haiek dituzte).

Ukan/Edun 2-1

  • Note that the following are translated as have/has, but remember they also can be used as auxiliary verbs
  • and that is how they will be used in this lesson for the sentences.
  • Nik ditut: I have (plural object)
  • Zuk dituzu: You have (plural object)
  • Hark ditu: He/she/it has (plural object)
  • Guk ditugu: We have (plural object)
  • Zuek dituzue: You (plural) have (plural object)
  • Haiek dituzte: They have (plural object)
  • irakurri: read (past)
  • ikusi: saw
  • egosi: cooked
  • jan: ate
  • egunkari: newspaper

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