Ukan/Edun Remote Past (single object)

37. Ukan/Edun Past 1

  • Just like with Izan, another form of ukan/edun is used with the remote past (actions done prior to current day).

Ukan/Edun Remote past

  • Perfect Stem + past of “to have/UKAN”
  • Nik euskaraz hitz egin nengoen atzo.
  • I spoke Basque yesterday.
  • The remote past is the time period prior to the day of speaking.

Forming Ukan/Edun past form

  • Note that the past is formed with:

  • a prefix of n-, zen-, z-, gen-, zen-, z-

    • stem of u/itu (single/plural object)
    • suffix of -en, -en. -en. -en, -zten, -zten
  • nuen, zenuen, zuen, genuen, zenuten, zuten

  • nituen, zenituen, zituen, genituen, zenituzten, zituzten

Ukan/Edun Remote Past Single Object

  • Nik nuen: I had it
  • Zuk zenuen: You had it
  • Hark zuen: He/she/it had it
  • Guk genuen: We had it
  • Zuek zenuten: You (plural) had it
  • Haiek zuten: They had it
  • Azken astean: Last week

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