Verbal Nouns 3

43. Verbal Nouns 3

Verbal nouns past

  • When discussing the past, a distinction needs to be made in the auxilary verb used for the sentences.
  • While both “Niri ez zait abestea gustatu.” and “Niri ez zitzaidan abestea gustatzen.” can be translated as
  • “I did not like to sing.” or “Singing was not pleasing to me.” there is a difference between the two.
  • “Niri ez zait abestea gustatu" means that you sang once and that you didn't like that activity, it doesn't mean you dislike singing.
  • You can like singing but you didn't at that certain moment.
  • The second sentence "Niri ez zitzaidan abestea gustatzen" means that before, during a long period of time, you didn't like to sing.
  • For example when you where young you didn't like singing, but now, maybe, you do like it.
  • The past of Izan, with a third person object are niri zitzaidan, zuri zitzaizun, hari zitzaion, guri zitzaigun, zuei zitzaizuen, haiei zitzaien.

Verbal Nouns 3

  • niri zitzaidan: I was (izan)
  • zuri zitzaizun: you were (izan)
  • hari zitzaion: he/she/it was (izan)
  • guri zitzaigun: we were (izan)
  • zuei zitzaizuen: you (plural) were (izan)
  • haiei zitzaien: they were (izan)

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