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Non-conjugated Intransitive verbs

  • All verbs have non-conjugated form, meaning they do are not conjugated, but are used with a helper verb (Izan or Ukan).
  • Some verbs are also conjugated, change the form with tense and subject, and will be studied later.
  • Intransitive Verbs are verbs that do not take an object, meaning can’t answer “what”) use IZAN as an auxilary verb
  • Ex:You can say “What did he do?, but not “What did he go? So “go” is intransitive and uses IZAN.

Near past

  • The near past is used for past actions in present time frame, usually earlier that day.
  • It is formed with the perfect stem + present of“to be” (IZAN)
  • Ni gaur iristi naiz. I arrived today.
  • Note that bizi didn't have a near past as it doesn't make sense to have lived one place prior to today,
  • another place this morning and yet another now.

Lesson 2 Vocabulary

  • gaur today
  • gaur goizean this morning
  • goiz early
  • garaiz on time

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