Verbs2 1


NONDIK – Ablative (from/through someplace, since when)) case

  • Sentences that answer the question NONDIK(from where), causes the object of the sentence to be changed into the Ablative/Nondik form.
  • This form is also used for time - (“igandetik” since Sunday)

Single definite NONDIK

  • ending -(e)tik
  • If a single noun ends with a vowel, add -tik/if a consonant, add -etk
  • mendi - menditik
  • autobus - autobusetik

Lesson 1 Vocabulary

  • atera left
  • etorri came
  • joan went
  • etzan lay down
  • poztu were glad
  • geratu stayed
  • den astean last week
  • atzo yesterday

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