Animals 1

Animals 1

This section covers basic greetings and introductions in Uma.


  • lukse': turtle, turtles
  • upa': owl, owls
  • katus: cat, cats
  • pakét: turkey, turkeys
  • saktce': crawfish
  • ufe': dog, dogs
  • elappat: this, these
  • yammat: that, those


"to be"

In Uma, we don't use the word "is" or "are" in some kinds of basic sentences:

Elappat lukse': This is a turtle Yammat ufe': That is a dog


In Uma, most nouns do not have a plural form. We rely on context to determine the number of nouns:

Elappat katus: This is a cat OR These are cats Yammat pakét: This is a turkey OR These are turkeys