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Creating courses

Creating a new LibreLingo course

Before creating a new course, we recommend you try contributing to an existing one or at least exploring other parts of this documentation. In order to be successful in creating a new course from scratch, you'll need sufficient understanding of the project and how the courses work.

WARNING: If you just want to make an existing course to be available in your language, please refer to this page instead and ignore this page. Following this page for editing existing courses can cause invalid data to be created.

[TODO: Add more text on creating a course from scratch, possibly with cli tool, etc.]

Before creating a new course, it's recommended that you first contribute to existing courses. Learn how to edit or create courses. In order to create a new course and get it published, you'll probably need some technical assistance as, at this stage, several things might not be automated.

You can start by creating your pull request. I'll get to help with the pull requests as soon as possible.